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Women can fly

"(....) Even women who had reached significant achievements in the field of aviation. The first woman pilot. The first woman to fly across the English Channel, the first one to cross the Atlantic, the Andes, the world ...

The first French female pilot, the first American aviatrix and, among them, Bessie Coleman, the first African-American young woman to get a pilot's license.

All forgotten.

Almost all.

Yet, the presence of pioneer women, in every field of human activities, has never diminished. But, unlike what happens to men, their contribution to human progress is always reduced or falls into oblivion.

That was the reason that prompted me to write Women can fly (original title: Donne con le ali – “Women with wings”), and then Sali d’argento (“Silver salts”, about the life of Tina Modotti, photographer and political activist): to present a small tribute to all the women who were true pioneers and inspired later generations.

Just like Mae Jamison, the first female African-American astronaut in space, who carried a photo of Bessie Coleman with her on her first mission."

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The Prince in The Ice

The story begins in Rome (Italy) and develops almost entirely in Canada, except an episode which takes place in the city of Buffalo (USA).

When the protagonist moves to the Canadian mountains, they immerse themselves into the social interactions of a typical remote mountain community.

The main character is Rachel, a female serial killer, characterized by sociopathic and psychopathic disorders, which underlie her everyday behavior. She controls people to achieve her goals. She involves herself and plays with the other characters, taking advantage of their weaknesses. She deems them useful only as slaves and employs her overwhelming sexuality and strong personality to keep them under total control. Her only and ultimate purpose is the creation of a “perfect man”.

The plot is full of suspense, developing around graphic and erotic episodes, which relate to one another. This way, the readers think of knowing what is going to happen next, but they are often deceived. As the story comes to an end, the readers are finally able to understand Rachel’s mental disorders, her purposes, her behavior and her deranged actions.

Unlike many thrillers, the police’s point of view is deliberately neglected to highlight the killer’s point of view and particularly her MO, as if her mental disorders were the real protagonists. This is one of the most important, original and distinctive features of this book.

The entire plot is closely developed around Rachel. Her point of view can be considered as the camera, and the reader would be the director; her mental disorders control her state of mind, and apparently, there are no limits to her insane actions. She does not have a conscience; thus, she does not feel guilty. She believes the end justifies the means. She cannot be bothered by the surrounding environment because she is only looking forward to achieving her purposes. However, the luxuriant and majestic Canadian woods are masterfully described and employed as a background character, in contrast with the terrible events that take place within itt as well as the peaceful and traditional mountain community will be upset by the arrival of the film crew.

An in-depth knowledge of mental disorder dynamics, real and accurate investigations and profiling procedures are at the basis of this thriller, making it an engaging, clever and satisfying read. 

Dolls Have No Wrights

The body of a child, horribly tortured, is found at the mouth of the river Tiber. The Brutal Crimes Investigation Unit (BCIU) is in charge of the investigation. 

Deputy Commissioner Marco Gottardi and his agents are committed to discovering the people responsible for this murder as quickly as possible because they fear that other children might be in danger. During the investigation, BCIU receives the unexpected and unwanted help of a secret association called BOW, whose members believe it is right to make criminals confess using violence.


Fernando Santini was born in Rome in 1965. After graduating as a software programmer, he started working in the information technology department of an Italian bank. After ten years, he decided to embrace a new career and started working as a consultant in collection and payment systems for some big industrial groups. In 2014 he started writing fiction novels, and in 2016 he decided to try his hand at the thriller genre by creating the Brutal Crimes Investigation Unit (BCIU). The police novel ‘BCIU Dolls have no rights’ is the first of a series and introduces the characters who will be the protagonists of the other investigation stories of the team.

Italian bloggers’ reviews on this police novel have highlighted its dynamism and fast-paced action style, that recalls the American television’s crime series, the ability to capture the reader's attention, the presence of realistic dialogues that make the readers feel like they are actually a part of the story.